Odin Download Custom ROM Flash Tutorial

Among the flashing functionalities, Odin is competent, Custom ROM Flash is significant. So here we are going to tell you about how to follow Odin Download Custom ROM Flash especially for the use of anyone who needs to reach the peak of the system modifications. Let us get into the complete lesson step by step.

Odin Download Custom ROM

The release of Samsung Odin is a result of an unintentional web leak. In fact, the tool is by Samsung Inc to be used internally. But finally, it has come to the public hand as an exclusive privilege to all Samsung┬ádevices in reaching Stock/Custom firmware and Kernel flash, Recovery file flashes, root packages flashes and more similar. And that is truly why Odin is Samsung’s closest companion in both system recoveries and modifications.

Why Odin Download Custom ROM Flash?

While flashing a Stock ROM is what we see Odin through most of the cases, it is one way of most used system recoveries. Then in the other way, flashing a Custom ROM is simply for system modifications, especially for those who feel not enough working with a single ROM.

Installing a Custom ROM exposes the system to more features and power. A Custom ROM is simply a standalone operating system version that can make your Samsung operating system more fun with powerful apps, alterations, and more bringing true customization on it. So if you need to work on the latest Android operating system version, alternate system launchers, remove preinstalled bloatware, configure application permissions, get with system based tweaking and more, it is the time to search for the most fitting option and install a Custom ROM on your Samsung device. Letting you no more waste of time, this is the complete tutorial to prerequisites, downloads and how to use Samsung Odin.

Odin Download in Custom ROM Flash

Just like in every system related process, you are required running the process with the highest caution. In case if there is anything mistaken, no party would hold any responsibility. So go through the provided tool guide and run the process at your own risk. And before you start make sure you are agreed to the following instructions.


  • Odin is a Windows-only program that runs only on the desktop PC. So install proper Samsung drivers’ software and get the PC prepared
  • If your device contains anything highly important for the future use, we recommend you to take a whole backup. And that could be included Photos, Messages, Contacts, other media files and etc. from either internal or external storage of the device
  • You should start with 60-70% battery strength on your device, so charge your device as the more the better always
  • Go to settings and enable USB debugging on your Samsung, go to settings >About the device> and tap 7 to 8 times on the build number. Once developer options enabled, turn on USB debugging
  • Switch your Samsung device to Download Mode. To that Press and Hold all three Home, Power and Volume Down for several seconds. When you see a warning yellow triangle, press Volume Up and Continue


  • Download Samsung Odin version 3.12.7 on the Windows PC and extract to get the Odin supported formats
  • Search for a Custom ROM developed for your device model and Download on the PC (should extract if it comes with an incompatible format). You should double check whether it is fully stable and be matching the need

How to Flash Custom ROM via Odin?

  • Step 1: Right-click on the Odin exe file and start it as an administrator
  • Step 2: Connect the Samsung Phone or Tablet to the PC (in Download Mode)
  • Step 3: Let Odin detects the connected device which will be notified with an “Added” message in the left Panel. And at the same time, the box ID: COM should turn blue in color when the device is successful in the connection

Odin Download Custom ROM

  • Step 4: Then select “AP” and attach the Custom Firmware file there

Odin Download Custom ROM

  • Step 5: In the checkboxes, only the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time should be selected while the rest should remain unchecked
  • Step 6: Now continue to “Start”
  • Step 7: Now you need some minutes wait. So please do not disturb the process or remove from the connection until it is completed in the progress. Once finished, it will show the success of a green “Pass”. And do not get troubled if your device gets rebooted a number of times

Odin Download Custom ROM

Congratulations! you are successfully done flashing a Custom ROM to your Samsung. So now you can disconnect the device from the PC and start the use as usual. But remember it is now like a new handset with all fresh system alterations.

What if I get “Reset” after Odin Download Custom ROM Flash?

Due to various reasons, you might face some errors in the Odin processing. So in that places, Odin will show you a red “Reset” message instead of the green “Pass”. If it is same in your case, try more attempts to Odin Flash. And there, make sure you have set the required settings and have followed the instructions as said. For additional support, always Download Odin latest tool version to avoid possible errors and other issues.

Samsung Odin v3.12.7 Updates

As of now, Odin v3.12.7 is the latest which is developed to the essential scripts with the aim of serving a wide range of devices and firmware versions. With the latest tool download, one can successfully flash Custom/Stock ROMs and various files to latest Android operating system versions like Android Nougat. And for more, the latest update of Odin is capable of flashing latest devices in the line of Samsung, proofing Odin is the best utility in system changes and recoveries for all Samsung. It is completely free as always and comes developed from the Samsung Inc.

As we discussed throughout the post, Custom ROM Flash for Samsung is one of the demanding functionalities Odin is well capable of. So keeping space for no worries in the times ahead, start with Odin Download Custom ROM flash today. It will not cost a penny but a little attention throughout. Have happy Androiding with Odin free.

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